“The Latin American Trade & Investment Association (LATIA)” The Association- coordinates and implements a strategy to attract foreign direct investment, to boost trade and to promote the internationalization of Latin-American companies, contributing to the socio-economic development in Latin-America.

The Association is non-profit, non religious and apolitical. All members are equal in dignity and rights. Any discrimination will not be allowed.

Our Goals


To provide a platform where members can develop UK-based joint actions to attract foreign direct investment.


Boost exports and promote the internationalization of Latin-American companies.


To maintain a permanent Latin American representation in the UK calendar for trade and investment activities.


To facilitate the communication and coordination of activities with UK trade and investment sector.

Video Section
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Our News


Guidance to its members to develop joint projects and initiatives.
To foster communication and mutual support among members in order to have greater impact on joint projects and initiatives
Make available the Association's resources to its members in order to support joint activities as approved by the general meeting.

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